Interested in Joining the Lab?

We welcome applications from motivated individuals seeking to pursue graduate studies or research training opportunities (undergraduate research projects or postdoctoral studies) in the fields of molecular and developmental biology, biochemistry, genomics and bioinformatics. Applicants should contact Dr. Lécuyer by email and include a letter of motivation, an updated CV, copies of university transcripts, and the names of references (1-2 for undergraduate students, 2-3 for postdoctoral trainees).

Graduate students in the Lab generally have the options of enrolling either in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine at the University of Montreal or in the Division of Experimental Medicine at McGill University.

About the IRCM

The IRCM is composed of ~35 research laboratories that form a multi-disciplinary team of scientists working on a wide range of basic and clinical research subjects. The institute represents an excellent training environment, both in terms of the diversity of subjects and systems that are studied by its researchers, as well as its modern infrastructure. Indeed, the IRCM houses state-of-the-art equipment and core facilities for a variety of applications in molecular imaging, flow cytometry, proteomics, molecular biology and functional genomics. In addition, the IRCM holds annual internal scholarship competitions, which aim to support students and postdoctoral trainees who do not hold scholarships from outside sources. Additional information on studying at the IRCM can be found by following by following this link: The IRCM is located in the heart of downtown Montreal, a safe and dynamic multicultural and multilingual city that offers an exciting and affordable environment outside the Lab ( We are situated near the arts district of the city, well-known for its diverse array of shops/restaurants, and which hosts prominent cultural and artistic events, such as the annual Montreal International Jazz Festival.