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This microscopy image database documents the results of immuno-fluorescence (IF) experiments to characterize the subcellular localization properties of human RNA binding proteins (RBPs) studied in the context of the ENCODE team grant entitled "Comprehensive analysis of function RNA elements encoded in the human genome", led by Dr. Brenton Graveley at the UConn Health Center. These studies are being conducted using several human model cell lines prioritized by the ENCODE consortium (e.g. HepG2 and HeLa) and validated commercial antibodies targeting over 250 distinct RBPs. The database displays images resulting from co-labeling experiments of individual RBPs in conjunction with a panel of cellular markers for various organelles and subcellular structures. The data can be accessed via different search options, either by searching for individual RBPs or in batch display formats. Antibody validation was performed in the lab of Dr. Gene Yeo at UCSD, while all IF experiments and analyses are being conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Eric Lécuyer at the IRCM in Montreal.

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This database was developed and is maintained by the Lecuyer Lab. Please email us for any comments, suggestions or bug reports.